Hog Roasts and Spit Roast Pigs in Yorkshire, Cumbria, Durham, Lancashire


About Hog Roasts from Abbotside Events


Our Hog Roasts are the result of numerous years work and development to produce a real quality hog roast product. Firstly we only use quality products.

  • The Pork is sourced from a small local family butcher (N Hammond) who pride themselves on selling first quality meat.
  • The Bread Bun is not a cheap dry seeded or floured pre frozen burger type bap but a moist quality freshly baked bun from a local baker (J Cockett) , this may add 15-20 pence to the cost of a hog roast sandwich but it is an essential part of the mix!
  • The Apple Sauce is all homemade from locally bought Bramley apples (The Goodlife) .
  • For the Sage & Onion stuffing we use the best possible propriety brand mix with added butter for a silkier, richer finish.


Prior to cooking a hog roast we carefully score the skin and marinade the pig with Cider and rub Sea Salt all over to help produce a crispy crackling. The hog roast is then cooked on just about the lowest possible flame in our hog roasters for a period of up to 10 hours plus for some of the hog roast being served by abbotside eventsvery big hog roasts. We keep a careful eye on the cooking procedure ensuring the heat is low enough not to burn the crackling or cook the meat too fast but high enough to get the necessary crunch on the crackling!


The hog roast then needs time to rest, allowing the meat time to relax and the juices to spread back through the hog roast. If we are delivering a hog roast ready cooked then this is the prefect time for the meat to rest.


When it comes to service of a hog roast being served in a bread bun, we set up the hog roaster adjacent to a 6ft trestle table. The hog roast chef will carve joints off the hog and slice these in front of your guests, an assistant will then take a bread bun, place your meat into this and add your stuffing, apple sauce and crispy crackling and hand it over in a napkin. Of course this is not rigid and can be adapted to how ever you want service to take place.





Standard package:


  • Hog Roast or Spit Roast pig marinated in cider with crispy crackling;
  • Homemade Bramley apple sauce;
  • Sage & onion stuffing;
  • Served in 'Cocketts of Hawes' fresh baked bread buns;
  • Chef and assistant to carve and serve.




  • Salads & Side Dishes;
  • Puddings;
  • Starters;
  • Canapes;
  • Disposable crockery / cutlery;
  • China / stainless steel crockery / cutlery;
  • Extra waiting staff .


We need level access to where you would like the hog roast served (the machines have wheels and can be pulled over small steps, gravel, grass). The machines are 180 cm long, 80cm wide, 94cm high and can be used to serve from inside (if we deliver ready roasted); we can bring a gazebo for an outside cover but you will need a plan 'B' in case of very windy conditions.

If needed the hog can be lifted out of the machine and served from the roasting tray.


Hog Roast or Spit Roast

hog roast spit roast pig

The essential difference between our Hog Roasts and Spit Roasts is that the former is cooked inside a large roasting tray (left hand side image) and the latter on a spit (right hand side image).

Using the roasting tray we believe produces a better quality product however some may prefer the more visual aspect of a Spit Roast.


Cooking Times and Sizes


Cooking times vary depending on the size of pig but typically 7 to 8 hours for a 50 to 60 kg pig. We can source either a Rare breed pig or a quality commercial white from our local village butcher (see our supplier page)

An approximate guide for catering numbers with an average size full pig (50-80kg) :-

Formal dinner:- 100-150 servings per pig

Bread buns:- 150 - 250 servings per pig


For smaller numbers we can either use a half pig or a small suckling pig. For larger numbers we simply use more machines.

Formal dinner:- 35 - 60 servings per half pig

Bread buns:- 75 - 120 servings per half pig


hog roasts from Abbotside Events




Delivered ready roasted.

If you are within an 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours traveling time from our base at Askrigg (See the map below or see our location) we can roast your pig to a safe fully cooked temperature (at least 75 degrees C probed core temperature) and with the cooked pig still in the machine and wrapped up in foil bring it along to your event ready to carve on arrival. This is in effect a 'resting period' for the meat and on arrival it will not only be juicy and succulent but also still piping hot and well above the safe point of 63 degrees C. This is our cheapest option (Note: we can only deliver meat cooked in the roasting tray not on the spit)


hog roast delivery


Major Towns and Cities to which we can deliver a hog roast.

Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, York, Huddersfield, Halifax, Rochdale, Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth, Barrow-in-Furness, Kendal, Windermere, Ambleside, Millom, Keswick, Cockermouth, Carlsle, Penrith, Appleby, Kirkby Stephen, Gateshead, Newcastle, South Shields, Sunderland, Durham, Chester-le-Street, Bishop Auckland, Stockton, Hartlepool, Redcar, Middlesborough, Richmond, Darlignton, Northallerton, Catterick Garrison, Thirsk, Helmsley, Malton, Bedale, Leyburn, Ripon, Boroughbridge, Harrogate, Knaresborough, Skipton, Settle, Kirkby Lonsdale.


DIY Hire

If you would rather just hire our machine and hog roast your own pig (or buy a pig from us) you can collect a fully serviced hog roaster alongwith gas and tuition on how to roast your pig (we can deliver but it significantly raises the price unless you are close by). DIY hog roast hire information


Pick up a Pig

We can cook a hog roast here at our base (DL8 3DX) for you to collect in a tray, to find out more have a look at our 'Pick up a Pig' page >>

Alternative meats


If you require an alternative to a hog roast or lamb then we can provide the following options:


  • Spit Roast Chicken
  • Spit Roast Whole Turkey
  • Spit Roast Duck
  • Roast Beef
  • Roast Venison
  • Iron Age pig