Meat options



Summary of our specialties:


Hog Roast / Spit Roast pig marinated in cider and served with crispy crackling, homemade Bramley apple sauce and a sage & onion stuffing. We can source Iron Age pigs, Traditional old British breed pigs as well as the standard farm reared pigs from our local butcher.


Whole Dales hill lamb either spit or tray roasted studded with garlic and rosemary and cooked in a red wine and herb marinade served with a herb and red wine reduction gravy and a choice of mint sauces. (Can also be roasted in a Moroccan fashion with Harrisa and with cumin, chili, apricots, mint, coriander and citrus zest.


Spit roast beef (locally reared Topside, Sirloin or Fillet) slowly spit roasted with a herb and wholegrain mustard crust then served with Yorkshire puddings, a red wine onion gravy, and horseradish sauce. As an alternative we can serve beef as whole joints to each table with a carving board, knife, apron and chef’s hat for a designated guest to carve.


Spit Roast Chicken (free range or organic) marinated in lemon, thyme, olive oil and garlic, with a golden crisp skin and juicy succulent flesh. Served plated with traditional bread sauce and sage & onion stuffing.


Whole Roasted Turkeys with crisp golden skins and juicy succulent flesh. Served with traditional Roast Turkey accompaniments - chestnut stuffing, sage & onion stuffing, bread sauce, and cranberry sauce.


Sausage and Mash (using Hammonds Butchers finest handmade Cumberland type farmhouse sausage, served with buttery wholegrain mustard mash and onion gravy).


Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (Succulent pork tenderloin filled with an apple and apricot stuffing and wrapped in streaky bacon. Can be served as a presentation joint to carve on each table)


Salmon En Cruet (Succulent fillets of salmon with a cream cheese and herb coating inside flaky puff pastry Can be served as a presentation joint to carve on each table)


However if you would like a meat or fish option not listed then please ask.