Our Suppliers


Abbotside Events firmly believe that the only way to provide quality catering is to start with quality ingredients from quality local suppliers. This may mean we have to charge slightly more but we are not willing to compromise on quality.


Hammonds ButchersIntroducing our Butcher..................


N Hammond - Family Butcher


Bainbridge (distance from Abbotside Events = 0.5 miles)



We source all our pigs for hog roasting through Hammonds (apart from the Iron Age pigs which come direct from a farm near Northallerton). Similar to us Hammonds have a policy of only buying quality meat even if this costs slightly more.


In all our time hog roasting we have never had a single complaint about the quality of meat, in fact it is just the opposite with most clients commending the flavour and succulence.



The supply chain we have with Hammonds ensures freshness and maintenance of the 'cold chain'. It is not at all complicated:-


1. We order the size of pig required a week or two beforehand.

2. Hammonds receive delivery, check on quality and size then store in their custom built cold chillers.

3. On the day of the event, Hammonds deliver the pig in a chiller van and place it directly into our hog roasting machines.

4. We marinade and prepare the pig then slowly roast it.

Simple, accountable and traceable!


Using such a good quality, friendly local butcher, also means we can offer a variety of different hog roast sizes at affordable prices. Many hog roast companies will offer a full 50kg plus pig (150 + servings) and nothing else! Hammonds are quite happy to split carcases in half (using one half in the shop) enabling us to offer a hog roast for smaller numbers.


Introducing our Baker..............


Cocketts BakersJW Cockett - Baker

Hawes (distance from Abbotside Events = 4 miles)


When we cooked our first ever hog roast after 7 hours of roasting and careful preparation of freshly made Bramley Apple sauce and a sage & onion stuffing, we then used a cheap frozen seeded bun to make the sandwich. The meat was lovely, the crackling crispy and both complimented with homemade apple sauce...... then let down with a nasty bun! This was the first and last time we used cheap buns!


Ever since we have used Cocketts, a brilliant local bakery producing freshly made succulent, moist, soft buns to order. This we feel is the icing on the cake, we have quality meat, crispy crackling , nice fresh sauce all inside one of the best quality bread buns you will find anywhere.



As with Hammonds the fact that Cocketts are local means a very simple supply chain:

They bake them - we pick them up - and you eat them !


Cocketts also supply a range of savoury and sweet pastries that we often use in our cold and hot buffets. Their cake making skills are well known in the local area and further afield; supplying many a household with their christmas cake and providing an excellent quality wedding cake.


baking bread baking breadfresh baked bread



Introducing our Grocer...............


The Good LifeThe Good Life - Grocer and Wholesale supplier.


Hawes (distance from Abbotside Events = 4 miles)


The Good Life is a small, independent family-run business owned and run by Barrie & Jacky Johnston.

The Fresh Produce department is the focal point of The Good Life. Carrying a vast selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and salads which benefit from being stored in a temperature controlled environment. During the relevant seasons they source almost all their vegetables and salads from one farmer in Lancashire thus guaranteeing freshness, quality and traceability unlike supermarket produce which travels up and down motorways for hundreds of miles and visits various depots for washing, packing etc. Theirs comes straight from the farm to the door. Clive, the Good Life supplying farmer picks from the field, loads the wagon and delivers to The Good Life all within 12 hours, ensuring zero packaging and keeping food miles to an absolute minimum – just fresh, honest, pure food – as mother nature intended.


This quality of fresh produce ensures our salads, side dishes,starters, desserts, canapes and sauces are made with the best possible ingredients.


Good Life